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The POWER of Reader's Choice

Allowing your readers a choice in their book selections is essential!

"If we want children to see reading as anything more than a school job, we must give them the chance to choose their own books and develop personal connections to reading, or they never will."

--Donalyn Miller

"Opportunities to tell their own stories are as important as quiet time for kids to become engaged. At the very least… educators and parents must allow kids to make their own choices."

--Gene Luen Yang

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The book that shifted my thinking about choice:

  • Miller, D., & Anderson, J. (2009). The book whisperer: Awakening the inner reader in every child. San Francisco, Calif: Jossey-Bass.

  • Companion book: Miller, Donalyn. (2014). Reading in the wild : the book whisperer's keys to cultivating lifelong reading habits. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

"Time to read books of their own choosing, for their own purposes, and without having to prove that comprehension has occurred remains significant in the ongoing development of readers"

-Johnson and Giorgis

(Pleasure Reading, 2002, p. 780)






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